X-routes is a location-based real-world mobile adventure game where players move outside looking for crosses, solving puzzles and collecting points.


My idea, my game! 

X-routes is meant to be fun. Gain new experiences and maybe learn a little something at the same time. Creating a game is easy with the X-designer tool, and you can share ready-made games either publicly or with an invitation code. 

The game can consist of several different types of checkpoints that set players in motion, challenge their intelligence, or require observation skills. The possibilities are endless, and you can combine different types of checkpoints freely. This allows you to create diverse and interesting games. 

You don’t need coding skills or other higher level knowledge to create your own games on X-routes!

Easy and simple

You can create different types of games

Additional variety with secret checkpoints

Unlocking a checkpoint based on location information

Extra points with questions


X-designer creates the game easily

Creating a game is very intuitive. You just log in to the X-designer interface and you can instantly create your own game. You can choose a subscription code for the game or leave it free for everyone. At the same time, you can also choose to create multilingual games.

With a few clicks, you create a new game, and you can start placing checkpoints on the map. The scope of the game area is not limited in any way, and you even have a map of the whole world at your disposal! All types of checkpoints are also free for your use.

Once you’ve created the game you designed, just click save and publish. The game will then appear in the game list.

Create inspiring games easily!

In creating the game, the storytelling inspires players to play, and the agile plot introduces players from one challenge to another. The X-routes game platform also serves as a checkpoint route or challenge platform.

Tips for creating an X-routes game:

What are the goals of the game you created? Does the game have an educational purpose, and how does learning make the game more meaningful?

Create a quarterback team to build the game. Co-development leads to better and more diverse ideas. Game players can also be involved in making the game.

Start with a simple one. Successes motivate both the game maker and players to continue with smarter games.

As a game maker, seek inspiration from the world of books, movies and stories.

Don’t aim for the perfect game right away. Learn from mistakes, and the gameplay isn’t serious!

Remember humor and fun!

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