X-routes is a location-based real-world mobile adventure game where players move outside looking for crosses, solving puzzles and collecting points.


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Visia develops fun social experience games utilizing the surrounding urban space and a nifty mobile app. Our main idea is to create interesting, entertaining and thought-provoking games. The kind we would like to play with our friends ourselves. 

The games are suitable for a wide range of uses: for teaching and training, to entertain teams or tourists, or to move and entertain just about anyone.


Sometimes the most amazing ideas of all lie with us in real life. Maybe you and the solution you are looking for are already in the same room? Your crazy idea can already come true. Escape room even in the potato cellar? A Mystical Museum Tour? An unforgettable talent program? Not boring education?

We are your guide to creating and implementing real-life game solutions.


Volat Oy is a combination of skilled entrepreneurs in various fields, where flexibility, creativity and multidimensional cooperation guarantee a good end result.

In addition, you can contact us, and we will take care of the game for you.

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