One platform to rule them all

X-routes is designed for everyone. Here are a few examples of how different groups can benefit the application.


Are you in charge of your friend’s Bachelor party? Or do you want to stand out with this year’s Halloween, Christmas or May Day parties? Take all your friends to an adventure of your own design. Fun, exciting, creative and unique - while still being affordable! That is what X-routes stands for.

X-routes is also a perfect match to birthdays and other parties. Divide your family and friends into teams and give them challenges which they will have to solve by combining their knowledge and skills. Funny missions, challenging puzzles, what ever you want.

Or perhaps make geocaching more fun! With X-routes, you can create your own path with exciting hints and tasks. Possibilities are endless.

So... Basically you can create anything from small games for friends to bigger party games. Just plan your evening and tasks in X-routes and you are set.


Make your brand stand out and extend it brand with your own game. Create added value for your current customers or entice new customers with a clever adventure game happening during an exhibition or other event. Or bundle a special offer to the game which the players will unravel while playing.

By giving the consumers something special and unique, they will remember your brand and have positive feelings toward it. Give them something to talk about and they will do the marketing for you! Gamification can also help in introducing your new products or services to the potential customers.

Whether you are an amusement park, a zoo, a natural park, a museum, or a shopping centre, X-routes suits for your specific needs. Why not make the visit more interesting for your customers? Spice it up by giving them a path to follow - with quizzes, challenges, tasks… what ever you want!

As a shopping centre, strengthen the coherent brand image of your entirety. Firms inside the shopping centre can design their own checkpoints to the game, and by doing so attract more visitors. The checkpoints can contain e.g. tips for discounts and new items. Discounts or gift cards can also be prizes, tempting the customers to play.

Workplace well-being

X-routes is also great for improving the wellbeing and team spirit of your firm’s workers. Take your teams out and give them an adventure they will talk about at the coffee breaks for many years forward. The adventure can be an entertaining one giving the employees a break from work, or it can be educating and designed for a specific theme. You can let us handle the designing and execution, or you can let your own creativity fly free. Puzzles, quizzes, action-based tasks - what ever suits best for your purpose.

Ad and Marketing agencies

Marketing does not need to be boring and numbing. Offer a cool new service for your customers which will help them to extend their brand and attract new customers. You can resell X-routes or become a certified partner, or even get your own White Label version with your own logos. It’s up to you. The X-routes platform scales for everything. You can provide your customers with a small game with just a few checkpoints to something huge with hundreds of checkpoints and an endless game time.

Event designers

Make your event stand out from the others. Attract more visitors by giving them something special - a game, a challenge, an adventure. You can tie the checkpoints and the theme of the game to your event and its surrounding locations or history. You can also create hidden checkpoints for the players to find, or add prizes to certain checkpoints or scores.

If your main event is for an older crowd, X-routes is a perfect way to also give the youngsters something to do. While the game keeps them happy and occupied, the adults will stay longer in your event, and be more profitable in terms of purchases and positive word of mouth. Satisfied children - satisfied adults - successful event.

However, remember that children are not the only ones with adventurous minds. Also adults can get their dose of excitement from the games. Ask more difficult questions, educate them about your event, or just make them have fun!

Of course you can also sell your own game forward.


Elementary schools & Upper secondary education

Would it be nice if students were eager to come to the lectures? There is a way to make learning and teaching more fun. With X-routes students could step out of the classroom and learn new things by doing. In a biology lecture, they could go orienteering with their mobile phones (They use them anyway, right?) and identify different plants and answer to course related questions. In a physical education class a mobile game gets students to exercise - and they won’t complain about it!  In an English lecture, the whole adventure can be created in English, which would teach the students both vocabulary and grammar. Possibilities are endless! With X-routes, students can also make games for each other. By creating questions and tasks for others, they will first have to study the things themselves. And by playing, they will learn what the others have done. Double the fun - double the learning!


You can create an adventure to boost up the team spirit in your own subject association! Design a path which both educates and entertains the students. By playing the game they can learn new things about their own school, home town and most importantly - they get to know each other better.


What's special in X-routes?

You name it, you game it!

X-routes is all about having fun and experiencing the thrill of an adventure. It enables you to create stories, brain teasers, activities and educate all in the same game. The possibilities are endless. You can mix and match game styles easily and make the games more interesting, keeping the players at their toes. Some games may require players grouping up and solving tasks together while some may offer information about a certain event or place. The game size isn’t limited in any way. You can create small intimate games or go full scale and create a whole nationwide adventure game.

It doesn't matter if you're a code hero or a code zero, you can create any game you want on X-routes.